Bravecto Quantum (Injectable) Waitlist

Introducing the Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic's exclusive waitlist for pet owners seeking unparalleled protection for their beloved dogs. Join us in securing a spot for the revolutionary injectable solution - Bravecto Quantum. Specially formulated for effective tick and flea prevention, Bravecto Quantum ensures up to a full year of unwavering protection for your furry companions.

Say goodbye to the hassles of frequent chewable and spot-on treatments and welcome the convenience of long-lasting defence against these pesky pests. By enrolling in our waitlist, you're ensuring that your pet will be among the first to experience the benefits of Bravecto Quantum, providing peace of mind and safeguarding their well-being.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to redefine your pet care routine. Join the waitlist today at Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic and give your furry friends the gift of a year-long shield against fleas and ticks. Once this form is filled out, we will reach out to you as soon as we have stock.

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